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The Energy Store is consistently recognized as a leading full service provider of residential energy assessments, audits, and weatherization services and have performed these services on over 9,000 homes throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Let our award winning BPI certified technicians diagnose the inefficiencies in your home -- and fix them.

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As an authorized provider for the majority of the State of Connecticut programs and incentives, we are your one stop shop for home performance and efficiency upgrades and any associated rebates or incentives. Our participation in these programs means we can do the work directly with you and walk you through the paperwork for available discounts, rather than having to subcontract this work out. A couple of the more popular programs are described below.

Home Energy Solutions Program from EnergizeCT

Do you ever wonder how much energy is being wasted and lost through leaky doors, windows and ductwork? Maybe you suspect that your insulation is not helping your home retain heat the way it should? At the Energy Store, with the help of EnergizeCT's Home Energy Solutions Program, we can run tests and evaluate your home to see where your home's weaknesses lie, and in the same visit, we can do some of the work needed to fix the problems and improve your home's comfort and efficiency. We'll also give you recommendations for future work, some of which you can even do yourself. All work provided and suggested is aimed at reducing your monthly energy bills and improving your home's comfort.

The best part? The whole package is only $149. For more information, please visit the Home Energy Solutions page on the EnergizeCT website.

(Price is subject to change, but you will be notified of the cost before we complete any work.)

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Bob V. - Lee, MAJanuary 26, 2017

Our experience with The Energy Store was very positive and satisfying, from getting the appointment scheduled, to crew showing up on time and introducing themselves to my wife and me, and then walking us through exactly what work they would be doing (insulation), how long it would take, etc. Throughout the day they checked in, and at one point the owner came onsite and I had a very engagement with him. They did a great job and finished up right on time. Couldn't have been more pleased.

Department of Energy Home Energy Score

The Energy Store is one of the top 3 providers of the DoE Home Energy Score in the nation. A home energy score is essentially a benchmark test to see how your home is performing, similar to determining the miles-per-gallon on your car. Finding your home's score is a great way to see how much energy your home is using, demonstrate your home's value to prospective buyers, or identify ways to improve your home's efficiency. If you want a status report of your efficiency but you're not ready to commit to a full weatherization work-up of your home or want a check-up to see how your previous audit is holding up, a Home Energy Score is perfect.

Apart from being able to compare your home's performance to other homes, nation wide, a home energy score provides you with three things:
  • The score itself
  • A home energy usage report which breaks down the energy consumption of your home's various systems
  • Recommendations and suggestions for how to improve your score
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