Ductless Mini Splits


What are they and why should I get one?

If you have a cold room, an addition with no heat, or if you've always wanted central heating and cooling but don't want the ductwork, a ductless mini split heat pump could be the answer. They're hyper-efficient and whisper-quiet heating and cooling solutions to provide you year-round comfort at a fraction of the energy usage of a traditional central air conditioning or heating system.
  • Ductless mini split units are one of the most modern and efficient heating systems available on the market today; these units run on electricity and have no ductwork, making them both efficient and easy to have installed by a professional.
  • These units are excellent for spot heating or spreading heat to drafty or cold areas of the home (but we also have units that can replace your heating system entirely!)
  • Hyper-efficient units can reduce your heating costs by up to 80%
  • Up to 30% of a ducted unit's energy consumption is wasted heat through inefficient ductwork; DMS have no ductwork and no wasted energy!
  • Easy installation: most units only require a 3-inch hole in the wall and just a one day installation.
  • With no dusty ductwork, avoid allergen issues and annual duct service fees!

Sarah M. - Brookfield, CTJune 22, 2018

I hired the Energy Store for my insulation projects (attic and basement). Pete and Matt were great at explaining the different types of insulation and their uses. They came up with creative solutions to a few of my tricky issues. Only took half a star off because the attic wasn't cleaned up after the blown-in cellulose, so I had to sweep it up. But I would definitely hire them again! They are easy to work with and great people! Thanks guys!

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Ductless mini splits are over 100% more efficient than a new standard central air unit and between 30% and 300% more efficient than standard heating systems. Compare your average heating costs to those of a DMS unit with the chart below!

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