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Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency 

Programmable Thermostats

Having the ability to program your thermostat isn’t just about convenience, it’s about comfort and efficiency as well. The market is flooded with new thermostat technologies from simple set and forget models to wifi connected devices to habit learning thermostats like the popular Nest Thermostat. We can help you sift through the noise and find a product that works best for your home and your needs.

Climate Control at your Fingertips

If a wifi connected thermostat or Nest style thermostat suits your needs, you’ll have temperature control at your fingertips. With most systems a smart phone or remote control can be used to adjust the temperature in different areas of your home. This allows you to heat the rooms you’re using and use less heat for the rooms you’re not using. You’ll also have the ability to adjust the temperature in your home based on the time of day. When you know the family will be away from the home at work or school, you can lower the temperature and save on energy costs.

Advantages of Programmable Thermostats and Zone Control

Many older homes have one thermostat that controls the temperature throughout the entire home. If one room is colder than desired, you have two options--heat up the whole house or bundle up. With programmable thermostats and zone control, we give you the ability to adjust your home’s temperature zone-by-zone or even room-by-room, meaning you won’t spend extra money heating the entire house when you only need a couple extra degrees in one room. A learning thermostat, like the Nest, identifies patterns in your routine and adjusts the temperature automatically, ensuring that your energy is being used as efficiently as possible.

To learn about how you can increase your comfort, efficiency and convenience through a new thermostat system, contact us today!