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What Your Leaky Windows Are Costing You (And What to Do About It)

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Drafty windows are not only a huge contributing factor in home discomfort, but the DOE reports that going without the most efficient window options could be costing you up to $330 in heating/cooling loss every year!


Here's why windows are important to a super-efficient home.



Gaps in your window frames, too few panes, frame materials, age, and different types of window coatings can all save or cost you in the long run. Here’s a handy guide by the Department of Energy to help you understand the energy ratings of different windows, doors and skylights.


Are your windows losing energy and heat through gaps and drafts? Some signs and symptoms of leaky windows:

  • Rattling windows

  • Evidence of pest activity in or around your windows, such as persistent spider webs

  • Outside odors entering your home near windows

  • Visible gaps in or around your window frames

  • Peeling paint around your window frames


Depending on how bad your windows are, you may be able to get away with some easy fixes instead of replacing them entirely. We’ve compiled a few DIY and professional solutions for leaky windows below:


Some DIY solutions:


Plastic sealing: Applying plastic film sealing over your windows is a fairly simple and inexpensive way to conserve energy. The plastic covers any gaps if you choose to cover the entire frame, and sealing air between the window and the plastic creates yet another layer of air insulation. Energy Star outlines the process for you here.


Energy efficient drapes and blinds: You can also help insulate your windows while redecorating with different blind and drapery options. Heavy curtains alone won’t make a huge difference, but there are thermal drapes and shades (such as cellular shades that trap air and create a layer of air insulation) designed to keep the heat inside your windows. The DOE has a few helpful tips on how to get the most of your energy efficient window dressings here.


Upgrading your storm windows: Adding treated storm windows could make a huge difference for you at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows entirely. Low-e storm windows could save you On average, low-e storm windows can save you 12%–33% in heating and cooling costs. This equates to $120–$330 in annual savings, assuming a $1,000 annual heating/cooling bill.” Click the link to get step-by-step instructions on how to install these low-e storm windows!


Or, Call in the Cavalry:


If DIY isn’t your style or if you think your windows may be beyond saving, you may want to consider an energy efficient window installation with one of our trusted affiliates. Window replacement may make the most difference for you if your windows are older or irreparably drafty.  


Step One: Schedule an Energy Assessment

The Energy Store offers Home Energy Solutions assessments to qualified homeowners; not only will we give you a professional and expert evaluation of how much energy and money you’re actually wasting, but you may be eligible for draft sealing and rebates for new, energy-efficient window installation! Contact us today to find out if you are eligible and schedule your appointment!


Step Two: We’ll Refer You to a Window Specialist

We work with a handful of wonderful window installers who can help you with reinstalling a poorly installed window, replace old windows that have lost their argon, or update your single pane windows to new, energy efficient ones. If you’re interested, we’ll take care of getting a no cost, no obligation visit from our affiliates for you.


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