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Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency 

Insulation and Air Sealing

Sealing and insulating your home is one of the most important things you can do for your home’s comfort and efficiency. If your home is leaking air, losing heat or both, your heating and cooling systems are working harder than they need to, you’re pumping expensive heated or cooled air outside and you’re sacrificing your comfort. By upgrading your insulation and air sealing, you will be paying less for greater comfort and extending the lifespan of your heat and cooling equipment. We use four main types of insulation for both their high R-Value (their level of insulating capability) and their resistance to the elements and deterioration. They are the most effective types of insulation for their various applications and their cost.

Spray Foam Insulation:

Spray foam insulation comes in two forms--open and closed cell. Each can be used in different circumstances to markedly improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. 

  • Air seals and insulates in a single step
  • Bonds to almost any surface
  • Does not sag, settle or deteriorate
  • Controls moisture and air flow
  • Does not promote mold growth
  • Has been in use for more than 50 years

Open Cell Spray Foam

This type of spray foam is great for almost anywhere in your home whether you're building new, remodeling or living in a finished home.  It is most commonly installed in attics, walls and basement ceilings but not recommended for foundations and crawl spaces. Open cell foams are soft to the touch and have a lower R value than closed cell foam. 

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed cell spray foam can be used almost anywhere in your home, and is recommended for foundation walls and crawl spaces. It is highly adhesive, repels moisture and seals out infiltrating air. Closed cell foams are hard to the touch and have a higher R value than open cell foams. 

Cellulose Insulation:

Cellulose is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive insulation option for attic floors and walls. It is a great and non-invasive way to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency. Cellulose insulation consists of ground up newspaper that has been treated with natural fire retardants and insect repellents. Cellulose can either be blown across attic floors to create a thermal blanket or dense packed into walls and ceilings to create a solid thermal barrier between your lived in spaces and the outdoors.

Air Sealing:

Air sealing is the cornerstone of your entire home’s performance. Think of air leaks in your home as leaks in a ship--you wouldn't add a new engine to your boat before patching the leaks. Home performance should be viewed the same way, with air sealing being the first step towards solving comfort and efficiency issues within your home. It does not make sense to get a more powerful heating system if your home has leaks. We use our energy audits and assessments to identify leaks, patch them and then assess your home’s heating and cooling situation. This helps us to determine if your heating system is sized correctly for your home’s needs. A well sized system is more efficient, provides a higher level of comfort and last longer as it is not overworked.

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