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Home Performance Upgrades

The little things that make a HUGE difference

Home performance is all about doing the little things that contribute to a better home experience overall. A new heating system often won't address the underlying issues tied to a cold and drafty area of your home. We use our energy audits and assessments to find our what's causing your comfort and efficiency issues and suggest cost effective solutions that target each problem's source. Below are are couple upgrades we commonly suggest and see a need for in Connecticut and Massachusetts homes.

Attic Hatches and Stairs

Bear with us for a moment while we break down the components of an attic hatch or stairway. They consist of one giant, gaping hole in your ceiling or, at least, that’s what they become when improperly addressed. We have everything you need to turn that gaping hole into an extension of your well insulated ceiling. We prefer to use hatch covers, which essentially encapsulate the attic hatch and block any airflow and most heat transfer. However, as with all our services, we assess your specific situation and devise a custom solution. Through our home energy audits and assessments we can determine if your attic entry way is a problem and walk you through the possible ways to make improvements.

Weather Stripping and Caulking Products

Often referred to ubiquitously as “weatherization”, the act of weather stripping drafty windows and doors, and air sealing leaks and cracks, works wonders for your home’s comfort and efficiency. For more in depth information on the benefits of air sealing and insulation visit the full page HERE. The basic idea behind this area of home performance is that it’s as useless to pump air into a tire that has a leak as it is to pump heat into a house that has poor insulation and air sealing. Let us evaluate the state of your home’s performance to determine where you could be saving money and increasing your comfort and indoor health.

To learn more about DIY home performance projects, having your home’s performance evaluated or any of our other upgrades, contact us today!