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Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency 

Energy Audits

You take your car to the mechanic and yourself to the dentist or doctor, so what do you do to ensure that your home--the place you spend the majority of your time--is performing up to snuff. The simple answer? Start with an energy audit.

Assessing Your Home’s Performance

We employ many advanced techniques and tools to identify weaknesses in your home’s performance. As your comfort, efficiency and in-home health can be influenced in many ways, it is paramount to identify the sources of any problems and deal with them properly so that they are fixed and improved, not just covered up.

One test we employ is the Blower Door Test. By using the blower door to pressurize your home, we can determine how much air needs to be pumped into your home to keep it at a certain pressure level. This allows us to calculate the “leakiness” of your home or how easy it is for air to infiltrate or exfiltrate your home. From there we can determine where you have leaks and begin to tighten up your home’s envelope.

We also use Infrared Testing to identify weaknesses in your home’s thermal barrier. If your insulation is lacking in a certain area of your home, we will find it. Finding weaknesses in insulation and air sealing are often the most important components of an energy audit as they are extremely cost effective and set the tone for all other adjustments.

Once your home is properly sealed and insulated, we can evaluate your heating and cooling systems, your appliances and any other home systems in your home that contribute to comfort, health and efficiency.

Your home as one, interconnected system

We look at your home as a whole and determine how each of its systems affect one another. As much as we push air sealing, too much can actually be a problem if your home does not have mechanical ventilation. This is what makes an energy audit so important--it’s not about evaluating one piece of your home, like your furnace, it’s about evaluating the furnace, seeing where the energy and heat it produces is going and making sure you are getting the most out of that energy.

The Energy Audit Report

Once we’ve completed our audit we will provide a thorough report that outlines the weaknesses we identified and a list of improvements we suggest. The list of improvements is based both on budget and cost effectiveness. We want to provide as much benefit to your home’s comfort and efficiency as we can through your given budget. We will never suggest any improvement that your home does not need and never pressure you to make an upgrade that you do not want.

To learn more about the energy audit process or to schedule yours, contact us today!