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Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency 

Efficient Windows & Doors

Once you’ve evaluated sources of air leaks and negative heat transfer in your walls, attics, crawlspaces and floors, it’s time to see if your windows and doors are contributing to your home’s efficiency and comfort or detracting from it. In many cases, fittings around windows and doors are poorly installed and air sealing can go a long way in plugging drafts. If this is the case in your home, it provides a huge return on investment. Through our home energy audits and assessments we can determine if there are issues with your windows and doors or issues with the sealing around them. We won’t suggest a replacement if you don’t need it and we won’t pressure you to replace anything you don’t want to replace.

Efficient Windows and Window Inserts

You wouldn’t leave a window open during the winter, so it makes sense to ensure that when your windows are closed, they’re really closed! We work with high performance window companies to provide windows that produce a number of benefits. Efficient windows bring energy savings, improved comfort and reduced condensation. The latter is extremely helpful in keeping unwanted moisture out of the home. Window inserts are also making a splash in the efficient window scene as a replacement to outdated storm windows. They install easily and provide a higher level of air sealing and insulation. We’d be happy to discuss window options with you and evaluate your current window situation.

Efficient Doors and Weather Stripping

Doors can pose a number of challenges for your home’s efficiency and comfort. The door itself could be made with poor material making it a weak insulator. The door can also be poorly fitted into its frame or the frame could be poorly installed in your wall. We evaluate each of these areas when assessing your doors viability as a component of your home’s performance. Simply replacing the door is never our first course of action. Evaluation and communication of the available options and their associated return on investment is our approach to every all of our projects.

To learn more about efficient doors and windows or to schedule a home assessment, contact us today!