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Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency 

Attic and Wall Insulation

Through a phenomenon known as the stack or chimney effect, cool air seeps in through cracks in basements and walls, travels up through homes and out through the attic. During hot months, this process is reversed with hot air seeping into the attic and pushing cool air down and out of the house. Attic and wall insulation and air sealing aim to control and restrict this process.

Attic Insulation and Renovation

Attics are often overlooked, but they are a key component to a home’s performance. If you have a weak thermal barrier between your lived in spaces and the attic above, your expensive, treated air could be seeping out through your roof. We look to restrict the transfer of heat and movement of air from lived in spaces to your attic by focusing insulation and air sealing efforts on your attic floor. This keeps warm air in during the winter and hot stuffy attic air out during the summer.

Wall Insulation Upgrades

Similar to attic insulation, poor wall insulation can be a major deterrent to home comfort and efficiency if improperly addressed. On cold, windy days, air can sweep through your home, pushing warm air out and replacing it with cool outdoor air. Home performance is all about controlling air flow and heat transfer. Ensuring that your walls are prepared to deal with the thermal and airflow challenges they will face is one of the most important things you can do for your home’s comfort and efficiency. We make sure to assess your current situation, evaluated where improvements can be made and educate you on what the benefits of those improvements would be.

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